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Well Child Visit

It is important to have a yearly visit to assess your child's growth and development, as well as discuss what to expect in the future.

Sick Visit

No parent likes to see their child sick and neither do we, so please bring in your child when they are not feeling well so we can help!

FREE Prenatal Visit

Please come to our clinic before baby comes: meet the pediatrician, go over common topics about your newborn, tour the facility, and ask questions!

Newborn Care

Congratulations! We love taking care of babies and we will talk about feedings, sleep, gaining weight, and meeting developmental milestones.

Ear Exam
Pregnant Belly
Newborn Baby


We want every child to be vaccinated in order to optimize the health of our children. We offer every required vaccine for children, as well as the highly recommended flu vaccine!

Adolescent Care

Whether it is going through puberty, suffering from anxiety or depression or bullying, or drug use and vaping, we are here for your teenager. We want them to be as healthy as they can be as they transition to adulthood.

Sports Physical

Let's get your kid safely involved with sports! Both individual and team sports give your child a healthy outlet to become active and make friends. They also learn real-life skills such as leadership, work ethic, communication, and teamwork.

Vaccinating A Child
Chatting after Class
Basketball Net
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